noc in the poc

Predictive analysis to enhance performance and Revenues pView provides, analytical view of the data with causal analysis for each node and segment of the network for all kind of users from any where, any time instantly pView is not a regular NMS or a reporting tool. It has built-in Intelligent Analytical Module (IAM) for causal analysis. pView may be used for different interpretations of the same set of data based on required analysis like financial, technical or marketing Accessible from any device – Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop

  • Built-in intelligence for Operations, Planning, Product,  Marketing, Finance teams at all levels
  • Presentation of data is profiled as per the type and class of the user
  • Data source may be any pre-existing data file from any node or any open interface from existing reporting system or direct from a nod

Intelligent Analytical Module ( IAM ) Data in isolation or along multiple reports is interpreted by an expert to make meaningful outcome

  • Experts from various domains like technical or marketing or finance can interpret different meaning from the same data
  • This meaning is beyond any NMS as its subjective expertise
  • IAM is a module to process data into meaningful reports for respective team based on pre-stored patterns
  • IAM interprets the same data differently for respective teams based on the pre-defined rules by the expert teams
  • IAM intelligence grows with every new event like any other artificial intelligence too Strictly