Renewable Energy

Renewables: a major development priority

Increasing the contribution made by renewable energy sources to power generation is the subject of dedicated research and development projects. That work is focused on these developing technologies:

  • Concentrated solar power
  • Marine energy
  • Floating offshore wind power
  • New applications for biomass
  • Microalgae/li>

As part of identifying the most promising technologies in all these different areas, We constantly monitors technological developments and conducts pilot projects, either alone or in partnership with suppliers and/or research institutes.

Solar energy

Every year, solar energy would be able to produce more than 20 times the world's energy needs. Yet, it only accounts for 1% of global electric production capacity. we along with our partners plans to take all possible steps to develop its share in this clean, renewable energy, incorporating it increasingly into its energy mix. In line with our integrated approach , this means being active across the entire value chain: from research to the construction and setting-up of facilities.

Solar energy, an extraordinary source of green energy

Solar energy, produced by the radiation of the sun on Earth, is a natural source of energy, inexhaustible and totally green. Generated according to two different techniques, it uses either:

solar sensors which transform the sun's rays into heat. This heat is then distributed through a water or air circulation system. This is known as "solar thermal energy". In the less sunny periods of the year, its use can be supplemented by other energy sources (natural gas, electricity, wood, etc.)

photovoltaic cells, assembled in a solar panel, which transform the energy into an electrical current. This current is then either used locally by the building that has produced it or transmitted to the mains grid. This is known as "photovoltaic solar energy" or "photovoltaics" (PV).


Did you know ?


A solar thermal system covers up to 70% of a household's hot water needs and up to 40% of its heating needs!

What are the advantages? Inexhaustible and clean, solar energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Along with a supplementary energy source such as natural gas, it allows for optimal management of energy consumption peaks. Moreover, solar installations require very little upkeep and are therefore particularly economical to use.

Commercial developments in solar technology

The distinctive features of solar power make it an essential element in our energy mix. Indeed, we are developing innovative and effective solutions with solid proposals to offer both its individual and business customers.

Now our customers can choose their solar energy solutions: for the general public, and for businesses, incorporate solar comfort solutions (both thermal and PV).

Energy Services

Design of facilities and infrastructures

We are putting all of its engineering skills and know-how to work in designing the energy facilities and infrastructures of tomorrow: We and our valued partners iare involved in designing numerous projects around the world, including electrical, nuclear, gas and industrial facilities. In line with its integrated approach policy, We offer solutions which take the whole life cycle of the project into consideration, enhancing coherence and performance.

Expertise that covers a project's whole life cycle

We offer a range of solutions in the electricity, gas, nuclear, industrial and infrastructures sectors, both public and private:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Investment projects,
  • Operation and maintenance assistance,
  • Dismantling project management.