MW Scale Solar Farms

MW Scale Solar Farms

Large scale solar power plants of 1 MW and above capacity have been attracting the IPPs in the recent past due to the lucrative policies introduced by state and central nodal bodies. These policies combined with the reasonable capital cost is fetching good returns to project proponents.

Cellspan and its Partners enjoys the expertise and partnerships required to deliver consistent quality at these big scale Solar Power Projects. Apart from delivering EPC services, we also provide operation and maintenance of plant on a pre-defined contractual basis.

The generalized execution procedure includes:

Prefeasibility Study

Prefeasibility Study of the land to analyze climatic parameters, soil, shading, water availability, road accessibility, grid connectivity and few social parameters that can be helpful later during execution and long term running of plant.

Vendor Finalization

Vendor Finalization for equipments required all through the project along with qualified and experienced civil and electrical contractors.

Project Planning

Project Planning including preparation of detailed engineering drawings, project execution plan, plant lay out and infrastructure requirements.

Delivery of Equipment

Delivery of Equipment to project site after comprehensive testing done based on random sampling to ensure quality and consistency.

Civil Work

Civil Work for laying foundations of control room, transformers, inverters and mounting structures including site levelling and landscaping as required. All the operations are carried after taking the shading effect from surrounding objects and module arrays into consideration. This is followed by appropriate module placement.

Installation and Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning of the plant's mounting structure, modules and other electrical equipments. This also covers the deployment of necessary monitoring system. Conducting test run and final handing over is done further to this.