Mobile Services Overview

The adoption of mobile technology across the Middle East and Africa is creating multiple new revenue opportunities and service innovations for mobile operators and other businesses across the region.

There is already significant additional revenue being generated for mobile operators through a range of voice, WAP and SMS-based mobile value added services. The opportunities will only broaden as mobile networks become more sophisticated and basic mobile phones are superseded by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Mobile operators and consumer brands must seize the initiative to identify opportunities, build new mobile offerings and get them to market quickly.

Mobile technology for business value

We have been providing businesses with a range of mobile value added services since 2000. An experienced mobile service consultancy, we have a proven track record of developing successful mobile solutions that create significant new revenue and improve the customer experience.

To remain at the cutting edge of mobile service delivery we innovate continuously, creating scalable and robust services that support high demand.

Delivering mobile value added services

We give mobile operators and other businesses a competitive edge through a variety of mobile value added services, from back-end infrastructure development to creating end-user interactive applications. Our services include

Managed value added services (VAS)

Infotainment services

Bespoke platform development

Mobile application development

Mobile marketing platforms

With all of our mobile services, we partner closely with our customers. We commit to delivering successful results through revenue and risk sharing partnerships, as well as fixed fee arrangements. A cross departmental working attitude, and careful project management, allows us to accurately align project and business objectives to deliver mobile managed services that meet and exceed KPIs.