Mobile Payment

Mobile payments, also known as m-payments, may be defined as any payment where a mobile device is used to initiate, authorize and confirm an exchange of currency in return for goods and services. Mobile devices include mobile phones, PDAs, wireless tablets and other devices that can connect to mobile telecommunication networks. Mobile payments can be an alternative to cash, Bank transfer, credit cards and debit cards, and can make possible new opportunities for commerce convenience.

Mobile Payments & Purchase

The platform offers customers the flexibility to aggregate multiple payment instruments - credit and debit cards, dedicated prepaid accounts, and indirect value accounts such as gift and loyalty cards - onto their mWallet (mobile wallet) account to initiate remote transaction or make proximity payments using NFC or QR codes.

It also includes different payments of goods applications like School Fee payment, tax collection Micro Finance, Micro Insurance, buy of goods using different access lines like POS, MPos, Mobile applications, web, IVR, USSD and SMS.

  • Goods & Services to Sell
  • Micro Finance
  • Micro Insurance
  • Tax Collection
  • Mobile Lottery

With most State governments experiencing economic pressures and lottery revenues providing the second or third largest source of income for social programs, executive branches urgently search for a way to:

  • Boost lottery revenue dramatically, per those jurisdictions that have adopted Web lottery
  • Reach more affluent, tech-savvy, younger players
  • Minimize fixed and variable operating expenses