Mobile Money

Solution needed for a Mobile Money Service Provider


Most of today’s mobile service providers are seeking creative ways to collaborate with value-addedand revenue generating partners to generate new revenue streams. Meanwhile, as mobile subscribers become more dependent on mobile communications to connect with their world, they are also looking for convenient ways to connect with the information and tools that make life a bit more accessible, simpler and easier. By connecting their subscribers to smarter & more practical services, service provider can reap the financial benefit for that they need a stored wallet or mobile money solution designed to make every day financial transactions fast, cashless and mobile.

This type of solution gives subscribers a safe, easy to use and secure virtual wallet and provided the multiple new revenue opportunities. Using current handsets and the existing distribution system, solution should allow offering mobile wallet capability, payment services, secure transactional services, and profile-driven value-added services. To enable service provider with increased agility and flexibility to respond to the business issues of catering to unbanked segment, mobile money solution built on open standards, can prove invaluable. This will provide service provider tremendous flexibility to extend the product portfolio and customize the solution as per the target segment. The architecture of the solution must enable them to write business rules once and deploy them anywhere, add new rules, modify existing ones or integrate them with other applications seamlessly. The solution must be backed by proven architecture and functionality –

  • Componentized offering to deploy functionality as dictated by the business
  • Scalable, reliable, secure and available solution
  • Multi-channel, multilingual, multi-connectivity
  • Offline and online capabilities with inbuilt intelligence
  • Feature-rich with balance & transactions, cash deposit/withdrawals, transfers, utility bill payments, purchase & sale transactions, micro payments, SMS alerts, etc
  • Authentication and transaction limits
  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Modular and expandable to accommodate future growth without compromising on performance and robustness of system