Electronic Fund Transfer Switch

With the need to expand services to meet customers at any time and in any place, financial institutions services have embarked on setting up channels that can provide their customers with over-the-counter services. These channels are on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis and can be used anywhere Internet connectivity is available, with no cashier or operator but just an automated system.

EFT is a fully integrated suite of products for financial institutions and processors for acquiring, routing and authorizing payments as well as managing the card issuance and merchant acquiring side of the business.

Using open systems technology, EFT supports the full range of card products — credit, debit and prepaid — as well as transactions across all channels from ATM and POS to e-commerce and mobile.

EFT gives banks and processors the opportunity to choose what services and products to offer now without limiting possibilities in the future through its integrated suite of components.

Features at a glance

  • Certified as PA-DSS compliant
  • Supports any channel: ATM, POS, self-service terminals, internet, kiosks, call centers and mobile devices
  • Supports all EMV, magnetic stripe, contactless formats for debit, credit, prepaid, corporate, gift and private-label cards
  • Delivers the needs of processors for multi-institution processing
  • Advanced transaction support including foreign exchange dispensing, dynamic currency conversion and prepaid top-up
  • Innovative card management functionality supporting the entire lifecycle of the card
  • Compliance with card scheme mandates is maintained as part of the standard support service
  • Sophisticated operational tools allowing centralized control with proactive real-time monitoring and alert management
  • Modular architecture allowing the fast rollout of new features and functions
  • Active high availability prevents unscheduled outages and allows scheduled maintenance to be performed without downtime